Who We Are

Cleveland Kids In Need Resource Center is a local, independent nonprofit that helps to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies to teachers of the students who are most in need.

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Cleveland Kids In Need Resource Center has published its 2016 Report to the Community. Please read it to learn more about our impact on the lives of schoolchildren in the region. 

The Need 

In Cuyahoga County, more than half of the children in public schools are enrolled in the free and reduced meal program. If, after paying the bills, their families cannot afford to provide lunch, basic school supplies become a luxury they cannot afford. In an effort to create a positive learning environment, teachers often spend their own money to stock their classrooms.

It is Cleveland Kids In Need Resource Center’s firm belief that no child’s academic achievement should be disrupted simply because they don’t have the proper tools.

The Solution 

Kids In Need bridges the gap between great need and available resources to provide school supplies to teachers and their students. Each year, the Center receives more than $1 million worth of nationally- and locally-donated supplies for distribution. These donations come from major companies like Elmers, Dixon Ticonderoga, Office Max, 3M and many others; but also from companies or organizations that are re-branding, moving or simply cleaning house and find they have a surplus of like-new products/ materials.

We accept these product donations and use the financial donations to purchase brand new school supplies, and then redistribute them through the Resource Center, to those who need it most.The Center is a 15,000 square foot facility in the heart of Cleveland where eligible teachers can come to shop for school supplies free of charge once a semester.

Kids In Need relies on dedicated community members who volunteer their time to keeping shelves stocked and helping the teachers during shopping hours. 

The Impact 

Since opening in 2001, Kids In Need has provided over $1 million in school supplies every year to students and teachers in more than 250 schools around Greater Cleveland!


Terry Uhl
Executive Director

Email: tuhl@sc4k.org
Phone: 216.881.7463 ext. 3

Jane Pavlac
Database & Social Media Manager

Email: jane@clevelandkidsinneed.org
Phone: 216.361.0840